Wecome to Seducing Woman

Wecome to Seducing Woman

Thanks for visiting my brand new site Seducing Woman where you can learn hundreds of different techniques for meeting and picking more women tonight.

There are so many pick up artist courses out there that promise to give you all the best girl getting tactics but charge you the earth to get hold of them, and I think that is wrong wrong wrong.

My belief is that all the information you need to meet more woman is and should be free and I’m going to collect it all here for you on this blog.

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Salwar Kameez Seduction

Salwar Kameez Seduction

In this post we’re going to talk about salwar kameez seduction. The Shalwar kameez a super traditional dress worn in many countries including India. But as the world changes and things get modernized the dress is also becoming more modern and is changing too.

This dress has now become and very different thing than it’s traditional counterpart and has become more revealing which is also a little bit of a taboo

In the media the dress is shown as it always was but home town girls are making the change.

For more on salwar kameez seduction see the video below…

credit: mckaysavage
Confidence With Women

Confidence With Women

In this post I’m going to  reveal what I believe is the no1 way to have confidence with women. You’re not alone if you find it a little daunting to approach a woman and this tip should help you overcome that.

And the big tip is simply to remember what a great guy you are and all the accomplishments you have achieved in your life.

A good way to get the confidence flowing is to make a big list on your phone of all the things that make you the catch of the century and then go and speak to women.

You will feel more secure and busting with confidence…

credit: tibchris
Boyfriend Destroyer Pattern

Boyfriend Destroyer Pattern

This post will show you a boyfriend destroyer pattern I think I picked up from Ross Jeffries but I’m not sure where. Anyway it might help you…

  1. Only use this stuff on a girl who you think is not in a happy relationship.
  2. Ask her about her boyfriend to see what the problem might be.
  3. Then if she start talking bad about him just be understanding do not try and join in.
  4. Start to show the differences between you and the boyfriend and make a point of the things that you can offer better.

Once you have good conversation you can use your seduction skills to make her happier.

credit: Imelda Whitfield
How to Pick Up Women at the Mall

How to Pick Up Women at the Mall

In this post I’m going to show you how to pick up women at the mall which can be one of the best places to meet women because if there is one thing that attracts massive amounts of women it’s all the shop at a shopping mall.

Here we go…

1. Walk into the flow of traffic. In most malls people will tend to walk on one side so make sure you face that traffic and look for hot girls.

2. Be confident and look great, when you make your approach a woman will be able to sniff out fear!

3. Go for shops that have both male and female interest like a music stores

credit: Public Domain Photos
Colors That Attract Women

Colors That Attract Women

A lot of men believe that there are colors that attract women and they try to use this in there pick up routine. The fact is that no colour is going to get the girl if you’re a chump but wearing the right colors is all about looking at your best which is a big part of seduction.

If you have dark skin tone – try pink shirt and grey pants.

If you have a light skin tone – try a nice deep blue or even a cool mauve shirt.

Don’t spend too long on this color stuff, the main thing is that you try to be a cool guy.

Thundercat Seduction Lair

Thundercat Seduction Lair

In this post I’m going to give you a video about the thundercat seduction lair but first I want to talk a bit more about the seduction lair in general to give you an idea of what your getting into.

The seduction lair is where a group of men get together to talk about pick up techniques learned from books and online courses and give feedback on the results of their pick up missions to the mall and in bars.

The Lair first became popular in the early nineties after Ross Jeffries relased his first products and started to suggest that men might benefit from having a pick up support group.

Pick Up Women In A Bar

Pick Up Women In A Bar

This post is all about how to pick up women in a bar and the very first thing you need to do is spot women who will be open to your approach so here are the kinds of women you want to look for…

  1. Older woman who may be divorced
  2. Younger college girls looking for fun
  3. Girls out for a bachelorette night.

An here are the top questions to get the conversation going…

  1. Ask them about there education and where they studied
  2. Ask about work and any worries they have with their job
  3. Ask her what she likes to do for fun
  4. Ask about where she is from

Now it’s up to you…


Words That Attract Women

Words That Attract Women

In this post I’m going to give you a few words that attract women but this is not going to do what all the other bloggers do and just a list a lot of cheesy pick up lines. This post is all about words that you can say to yourself that make it more likely that you will be successful in your pick up attempts.

We call these words affirmation and what that means is that you say the same thing over and over again in your head then your subconscious mind start to believe it.

So before you go out to the bar try saying:

“I pick up hot girls with ease” x100

credit: gabriel_marchi
Seducing Younger Women Part 1

Seducing Younger Women Part 1

Seducing Younger Women Part 1: In this post we are going to look at the first three things you need to know if your are ever going to seduce a younger woman and they are:

Where to meet her – the very best place is at her work because clothing stores and coffee shops love to employ pretty younger women.

When should you ask her for the date – you need to build up a good friendly relationship before you pop the question so make a few visits to her work place and be nice and friendly each time. Then ask her out.

How should you go about asking her out – the best idea is to say something like, “we should go and see a movie what’s your number?”

This is a confident appraoch and women love that…

credit: tibchris
How To Pick Up White Women

How To Pick Up White Women

This guide is all about how to pick up white women for people who might be black or Asian and want to go after a bit of the interracial dating. That’s brilliant…

The first thing you need to do is try and play the race card because many white women have never dated another race and you want to show that there is a whole world of excitement and new experiences that they are missing out on.

The next thing is to work the numbers, you need to go to the mall and make it your mission to get speak to and get numbers from at least ten white girls.

credit: Shandi-lee