Aphrodisiac for Women – The Ultimate Guide!

Aphrodisiac for Women – The Ultimate Guide!

Aphrodisiac for Women: OK Men, it’s time to add some weapons to your arsenal in the quest to please your woman, and we’re going to be smart and undercover about this.

Who needs alcohol and Viagra when there is a whole world of sexy chick magnets in you local supermarket?

…and you won’t have to go to the the health food store and mix a bunch of potions to use this stuff. Most of them are probably already in your cooler, and once you learn how to use them you will be the golden boy!

Here are my top 5…

Aphrodisiac for women #1: Cornstarch

credit: teresatrimm

This first one is works wonders for me.

Basically what you do is raid your pantry for some of the power and then sprinkle it lightly over you lovers body.

I know this sounds a little bit freaky but it creates a tingly sensation that is a total turn on for the opposite sex. And once you have just a little bit on the body you can start going wild and covering her in the stuff!

Alpha male tip – Match this up will a full body sensual massage and your woman will be spasming!

The great thing about the cornstarch is that it works just like body oil!

Aphrodisiac for women #2: You Say Tomato

credit: wolfsavard

So what you want to do is find some really juicy tomatoes and then feed them to your partner.

The act of eating a tomatoes is sexy in itself as the juice dribbles down you both. Plus putting your lips all around the red pulsing flesh will remind her of something else

The other great thing about tomatoes is that they will help you in the bedroom department with muscle control and sexual nerves which will stop you coming too soon.

Aphrodisiac for women #3: Avocados

So now that you are both all covered in tomato juice and cornstarch it’s time to take things up another level and add another piece of food to your salad!

The fruit inside an Avocado is great for feeding and rubbing on each other, and it also has a lot of sensual benefits.

You might already know that it’s a great super food but can also make an orgasm much more intense. This will leave your woman thinking you’re a total stud and there is no better Aphrodisiac than great sex.

Aphrodisiac for women #4: Chocolate

credit: Sugar Daze (f/k/a LittleMissCupcakeParis)

OK I know this is a bit obvious but what kind of Aphrodisiac list would be complete without mentioning of the food of the gods?

Trust me, for a woman there is no bigger turn on than to drizzle the brown warm liquid all over her body and then lick it off bit by bit.

It is also a bit like taking sex drugs because it contains the same natural ingredients that your body produces when you fall in love

It has even be shown that when a woman eats chocolate it give her the feeling of making love.

Which can’t be bad thing….

Aphrodisiac for women #5: Buttermilk

credit: bhamsandwich

So it’s time for the final show. And this is a tactic called the buttermilk shower.

You want to get some of the beautiful sweet liquid and heat it to no higher than room temperature, then get messy.

This will drive her wild.

Final thought.

I hope this article gave you some great Aphrodisiac for Women ideas, I know this stuff sounds messy but try it one time and you will see what great fun it can be.