Becoming a Pick Up Artist – Meet Insanely Hot Women, Now!

Becoming a Pick Up Artist – Meet Insanely Hot Women, Now!

Becoming a pick up artist is not the hardest thing in the world. The problem that most men have is that they read “The Game” or watch “The Pick Up Artist” on TV and think they can go out the next night and get any women they want.

credit: John McNab

Well the fact is that you need to do this stuff everyday so you can get over your shyness and then you will truly be a great pick up artists.

Becoming a Pick Up Artist Top Tips

Use the tips below the hone your skills:

Look sharp – the biggest tip I can give you here is to find someone that has no problem getting women and copy what they wear, how they smell and the style of their hair. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Buff up – women are attracted to men that look fit and healthily because deep down they think you will produce good kids. Go the the gym and build up your body.

Let her speak – if you are shy about talking to girls GREAT! Most women don’t want to hear about you, they just want someone to open up to. Practice starting the conversation and being a good listener.

Don’t lie – its tempting to tell a women you’re a pilot to get her into bed but this is not a good idea for a great pick up artist. A women can spread how much of a jerk you are a very long way.

Be super confident – you can fake this, just walk with your head held high and act like the most confident person you know.

Wing woman – forget about a wing man because that just reduces your chances of success by 50%. The trick is to find a woman who is willing to help you in your pick up quest. It will put hot girls at ease to see you with another woman.

Final thoughts

Just remember that you need to be the kind of guy a women can boast about on facebook and then you will have no trouble with your pick up missions.

Becoming a pick up artist can take just a couple months!