Tips On Getting Girls – Get Girls to Notice You Right Now!

Tips On Getting Girls – Get Girls to Notice You Right Now!

Most of the men that come to my website are trying to learn tips on getting girls but have never actually had a girlfriend in the flesh. When you see them in action they’re shy and stiff around women and to be honest with you going from that to a pick up expert is definitely running before you can walk.


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So the first thing you need to do is practice flirting because it’s as old as time and the single that we give to the opposite sex to show that we’re interested in taking things further with them.

You need to have a mind shift…

There is no way that you’re going to get any women if you sit in the corner and never talk to anyone. It will take years to get a women that way and once you do you will kill the relationship by being too intense and weird about it. You will be a master of jealously!

My top tips on getting girls…

1: Make a decision that you will leave your house everyday and ask at least five hot girls a question. It can be anything, even the time. What you will find if you do this for a month is that talking to nice women will seem like nothing and you can just be yourself.

2. You need to have confidence and like yourself. The first tip will help with your confidence but liking yourself is a little bit harder. I’m not saying that you have to be cocky or anything but just make sure that you remember all the things that make you a unique person and that you are worthy of having a nice woman.

3. A big problem for most men is that they don’t understand how important image is to get girls. You need to be the kind of guy that they she can brag about to her friends on facebook. Luckily I have a simple tip for you….

All you need to do is find a movie star who is the same size and shape as you can just copy what they wear and how they do their hair. This is so great because they spend millions on stylists and you get the same look for free!

You can always find cheaper versions of the designer clothes they wear. It’s an overall look that we’re going for.

4. Body language secrets:

* Look at her lips while she is talking
* Put a loose piece of hair behind her ears
* Guide her through a crowd by lightly holding her shoulder
* Look in her eyes
* Tell her a secret joke in her ear
* Lean froward as she speaks
* Look happy and smile when she is talking
* Hold her hand for a second
* When she looks sexy look her up and down and say “wow”

Final thoughts.

Just follow these simple tips on getting girls and you should be able to get with a lot more women over the coming months.

I look for ward to hearing about your adventures.

How to Get a Girl to Love You: The *Secret* Law of Attraction

How to Get a Girl to Love You: The *Secret* Law of Attraction

If you want to work out how to get a girl to love you then this is the article for you. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last three years you will no doubt have heard of the best selling success book called ‘The Secret”. This basic premise of the book it that you can get anything you want in life by just believe it.

credit: tibchris

This is sometimes called “the law of attraction”.

So with that in mind an interesting question was sent into my seduction website by one of my readers the other day that I will attempt to answer here:

Paul wrote me:

“Dear Chris, is it possible to use the law of attraction or “The Secret” to get a girl to love you?

I think this is a very exciting question and for the rest of this article I would like to look a few of the ways that you might harness this power to get a girl to love you:

How to Get a Girl to Love You in 5 Steps

1. The first thing to remember is that like attracts like, so if you love yourself girls will be much more likely to love you too. Everyone has a few hang ups but you need to make time everyday to think about the things that make you special and worthy of the love of a hot girl.

2. Self talk – we all do this but most of the time we tell ourselves all the bad things. You need to change your thoughts to be more like “I’m loved” and “I’m going steady with this hot girl” it crazy how easy it is to trick your mind.

3. If you have gone on a few dates with a hot girl and would like her to fall in love with you it’s simple. You need to believe that she does and live your life as though it’s a fact. The books says that the rest will happen automatically. WEIRD!

4. Look in the mirror every day and notice what you see. If it’s a load of flaws and imperfections you will just get more of that into you life. Once you start to see the love inside, other people will love you too. CHEESY I KNOW ;-)

5. The next thing you need to do is start to get ready for love. Many people say they want to find someone but are just full of fear that they won’t. You will be different because you will start to look for holidays for two people and think of date ideas for your girl. Do anything you would do if you were already with that perfect girl.

Final thoughts.

Wow…I know this article is not my usual pick up tactics but I wanted to expand your mind a bit in this one. If you would like to use this tactic in your love life just remember three things:

Ask – you must know what you want and desire it.

Believe – start to live your life like you already have love and believe wholeheartedly that it will happen.

Receive – In a short while you will find the love you are looking for.

Learning How to Get a Girl to Love You is Easy!

Get A Girl To Go Out With You – 5 *Black Magic* Secrets

Get A Girl To Go Out With You – 5 *Black Magic* Secrets

credit: Roland Ster
If you’re trying to get a girl to go out with you this is the article for you. Sometime we all get into a pattern of not meeting enough women and then the dates dry up for good. But if you read every word on this page you will have broken through your problem and be ready to meet some really hot girls.

Don’t get too hung up on tricks you can use to get a girl to go out with you. The key to this stuff is to ask lots of women out and have a system to be meeting girls all the time.

Get A Girl To Go Out With You – 5 Steps

1. Online speed dating – we have all heard of those embarrassing events where a load of single people all get together in a room and pretend to like each other. Well now you can bypass all that stress and just do the same thing online. Basically you get a few minutes to talk to the girl and if you both like each other you can swap contact details. I’m not saying this will get you a date but I like it because it builds confidence in talking to women.

2. Set up some blind dates – this is actually a lot easier than it sounds and if you get nervous before asking a girl out it’s a great option. Put the word out with your friends and family and see is they know of any single girls who might be a right for you. They will love to be a matchmaker! Suddenly you will have loads of dates.

3. Online dating – I get so many guys coming to my site saying that they are not getting enough women and nearly all of them are missing out the obvious places to meet girls. Online dating sites are not full of scammers anymore and it’s kind of like ebay for your love life. It does not matter how strange your interests are, there will be a women out there who is similar. Try

4. Forget about bars and clubs – these are the worst places to meet girls because they will know you are trying to pick then up and be on their guard. A much better idea is up to join a gym and visit the local library. Make a plan to ask one girl out per week.

5. Offline matchmakers – just as there are websites that offer matchmaking services there are also companies who can do the same thing in your local area. You will usually visit the the office and tell them what you are looking for. They will set you up for a fee.

Final thoughts.

None of these are going to get you a date every time but if you don’t get too hung up on one woman and follow the process every week, you will have more girls than you can handle.

Get A Girl To Notice You – 3 Secrets to Attracting Girls Fast!

Get A Girl To Notice You – 3 Secrets to Attracting Girls Fast!

credit: Roland Ster

If you have trouble learning how to get a girl to notice you then the chances are that you have been spending a lot of nights alone. The problem that most men have is just being able to find the keys that unlock the attraction of girls and they end up loosing confidence and giving up.

The first thing to remember is that a hot girl is going to get a lot of attention so you need to have tactics to stand out from the crowd. What is it that is going to make you stand out from the crowd and really get the sexy girls?

3 Secrets Get A Girl To Notice You

The good news is that if you are a little confused right now, this article is going to answer that question fro you.

1. You need to dress well

Now this may be obvious but a lot of guys ignore the fact that girls really like men who look sharp, they think that if the girl is really cool she will like them however they dress…WRONG!
All you have to do if find a movie star you like and copy his look. This stuff is real easy. Try and look like the kind of guy she can brag about on facebook.

2. Get a wing woman

Now everyone goes on and on about getting a wing man for your pick up missions, but I think this is total bull. If you want to get a girl to notice you, you need to have other women around you. So the answer is to find a friend who is willing to come out with you and help you pick up. Maybe your sister might do it if she’s cool.

3. Be the Alpha male in the group.

Not matter how much the world moves on, girls still want to be around the Alpha male in the group, and if you want girls to notice you this HAS to be you. It may seem impossible but if you just copy the way that these kind of guys act, after a while the girls will be all over you.

Get a Girlfriend Fast – Secret To Get a Girl on 30 Minutes!

Get a Girlfriend Fast – Secret To Get a Girl on 30 Minutes!

credit: tangi_bertin

Don’t you think it’s unfair that some guys find it easy to get a girlfriend fast while the rest of us seem to make it so difficult? It’s like they know some secret code that attracts any girl they want. Well if you would like to have the same cheats then stick around and read every word of this article. I’m going to uncover some of the most secret tactics the players use to get it on with a girl in just a few minutes.

The first thing you need to remember when you want to get a girlfriend fast is that you have no control over the girls mind, and all you can change is the way you behave and think. This will make it much more likely that you will get the woman you are going after.


STEP 1: Most guys make the mistake of trying to be Mr nice guy all the time. A better tactic is to give her extremes. Make her feel really great about your relationship and then really bad. I’m not going to go into all the science behind why this works so well but just remember that she will be attracted to you like a magnet if you make her feel extremes of emotion.

STEP 2: This is kind of connected to step one but it’s so important I want to go into it in a little more detail. The way it works is that you will do everything you can to make the girl happy and let her know that you like her. Then you totally cool off an act as though you could not care less. If you do this a few times it’s the No1 way to get a girl because she will be obsessed by becoming your girlfriend.

STEP 3: Now you want to take control because deep down girls like a boyfriend who is an alpha male and will let them know what to do. You might get labeled as sexist but who cares if you have that hot girl. I think this goes back to the caveman days when men ruled the kingdom.


Now I want to show you a simple trick to get a girlfriend in just 30 minutes from meeting her.

This is a secret that comes from the world of psychology / hypnosis and attracts the deepest part of a girls sexual desires to make you seem like the perfect guy.

The secret is called Fractionation and if you search google you will be able to find a little bit of information, but they never give you the real deal.

To be honest this is kind of black magic and controversial in the world of getting a girlfriend fast, but it works like magic and is definitely worth a look.