How to Pick Up Women at the Mall

How to Pick Up Women at the Mall

In this post I’m going to show you how to pick up women at the mall which can be one of the best places to meet women because if there is one thing that attracts massive amounts of women it’s all the shop at a shopping mall.

Here we go…

1. Walk into the flow of traffic. In most malls people will tend to walk on one side so make sure you face that traffic and look for hot girls.

2. Be confident and look great, when you make your approach a woman will be able to sniff out fear!

3. Go for shops that have both male and female interest like a music stores

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Pick Up Women In A Bar

Pick Up Women In A Bar

This post is all about how to pick up women in a bar and the very first thing you need to do is spot women who will be open to your approach so here are the kinds of women you want to look for…

  1. Older woman who may be divorced
  2. Younger college girls looking for fun
  3. Girls out for a bachelorette night.

An here are the top questions to get the conversation going…

  1. Ask them about there education and where they studied
  2. Ask about work and any worries they have with their job
  3. Ask her what she likes to do for fun
  4. Ask about where she is from

Now it’s up to you…


How To Pick Up White Women

How To Pick Up White Women

This guide is all about how to pick up white women for people who might be black or Asian and want to go after a bit of the interracial dating. That’s brilliant…

The first thing you need to do is try and play the race card because many white women have never dated another race and you want to show that there is a whole world of excitement and new experiences that they are missing out on.

The next thing is to work the numbers, you need to go to the mall and make it your mission to get speak to and get numbers from at least ten white girls.

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Where To Pick Up Older Women

Where To Pick Up Older Women

This post is all about where to pick up older women because I get a lot of email from guys who are looking for women in the milf or yummy mummer category.

Lets get on with the tips…

1. You need to be aware that a lot of older women will feel embarrassed and unconfident when they are approached by a younger man.

2. Sometimes older women will feel a little bit scared by the approach of a younger man and may feel that they are being taken advantage of so you need to put her at ease with your charm and compassion.

3. They may also feel that you are inexperienced and that you will not have anything in common so you need to try and conect on her level.

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Good Pick Up Lines for Women

Good Pick Up Lines for Women

There are some good pick up lines for women and then there are a few that are totally useless and will get you a sllap in the face each time you use them. In this post I’m going to give you a few lines that seems to work better than most of the rest…

  • I must have died because I’m looking at an angel
  • What do you do for a living apart from being really hot
  • Wow…are those natural
  • OMG your have more curse than Daytona
  • I’m working for the government looking for the sexiest women on the planet

Get out there and meet those women, good luck!

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Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls – Get 99% More Girls Now!

Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls – Get 99% More Girls Now!

Below you will find a compete collection of pick up lines to use on girls that get straight to the point and leave the woman in no doubt that you are into her.

You need to remember that there is no such word as fail. If you get the brush off with one line try another and another until you get what you want. The more you do this the less shy you will feel about meeting girls.

16 Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls

1. Girl you got so many curves I’m gonna have to drive real careful.

2. Sweet thing, you’re just like a broom…you swept me off my feet.

3. You’re sweeter than Cherry Cola and Dr Pepper.

4. You’re smile is like sunshine in the morning.

5. Did I see you last night on America’s top model?

6. Please don’t think I’m a weirdo but I just had to let you know that you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

7. I just wondered if you have always been so beautiful or did you have to work at it?

8. I’ve seen you around, You’re that girl with the great body.

9. Weren’t you on miss world last year?

10. It’s such a coincidence that we met because I was just watching pretty woman last night.

11. I’m feeling depressed and I would love to see a cute girl smile.

12. Call 911, you just knocked me out.

13. My momma always told me that if you eat your greens you will grow up good looking, did you know my momma?

14. I’m not afraid to die now because I’ve seen heaven in your smile.

15. If you were a steak you’d be the fillet.

16. Hello my names [name] and you’re beautiful.

Final thoughts.

Some of these will get you a slap and some will get you a number. Remember that anyone can deliver a line but the truly great pick up artists are the ones that are able to follow up with a great personality.

For even more Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls sign up to our mailing list.

Good luck.

Pick Up Line for Woman

Pick Up Line for Woman

Pick up line for woman sometimes work in seduction and sometimes don’t work at all and get you a read face. But you should always have a few in your wallet just in case the moment feels right.

Below are a few unique pick up lines you can use…

  1. Hey girl I don’t have a map, can you show me the way to your house
  2. I think I’m going to need CPR cos you just took my breath away
  3. I’m the boat your the harbour, can I come and tie up
  4. I’ve got a big “to-do” list just but you just made it to the top

I hope that helps you guys, I have a few more coming tomorrow.

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Sexual Pick Up Lines To Use On Women

Sexual Pick Up Lines To Use On Women

Below are a few sexual pick up lines to use on women if your feeling really confident and think you have the personality to back this stuff up. To be honest it’s best to use these sexual pick up lines as a joke…

  1. I’ve been building a bunk bed and your going to be the bottom
  2. I would never kick you out of bed, unless you want to do it in my pool
  3. I just wet my pants, can I get into your?

I still think it’s best to try and friend a girl first but if you wanna give these lines a try go for it.

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How To Pick Up Girls At A Bar – It’s Too Easy ;-)

How To Pick Up Girls At A Bar – It’s Too Easy ;-)

Learning how to pick up girls at a bar is tricky for most guys and there are three main reason for that. These problems make really cool men seem like total losers when it comes to actually snagging that perfect chick.

1. A lot of guys think they’re too ugly to pick up girls at a bar, but let me tell you how many old fat dudes I have seen with beautiful women on their arm. It’s all about confidence and knowing the moves, which I will teach you below.

2. Another problem young men face is that they try out the pick up tactics and then then freak out when it starts working.

Signs of this would be not knowing where to take her next or running out of things to say.

3. The last and most common problem is that we sometimes have this feeling that the girl may have had a real hot stud recently and your feeble skills won’t cut it!

Well fear not, I have felt those same feeling myself and it’s all about mindset.

Let’ s get into some tactics.

Even the biggest loser can learn a few simple skills / changes to their approach and learn how to pick up girls at a bar

If you want’ to skip all the theory and get to the “pu%@y tractor beams” I would suggest you read Tyffany Taylor’s course below:

How To Pick Up Girls At A Bar?

Follow the process

The first thing to learn about how to pick up girls at a bar is that it’s a numbers game. Most guys only have the courage to speak to one woman per night and when they get the brush off they’re crushed and go home.

Your tactic will be to follow the system and try it on as many woman as you can in one night.

That way you’re almost guaranteed to at least make out!

The more you do it, the more you won’t care if a woman is not into you.

Be a great car salesman

Learning how to pick up girls at a bar is kind of like being a car dealer.

A woman goes into a car dealership and knows that she wants a car but has her defenses up because she has dealt with slimy car dealers before.

But the best car dealers find out what her need are, take an interest in what she has to say, then pick the perfect model.

She then feels comfortable with the car dealer and takes the car home!

Having fun

Most men get really worried before they go out on a mission, and build it up like it’s going to be the most uncomfortable thing in the world.

This is total bull…

Talking to pretty girls and making them laugh is a really fun thing to do and is easy once you have a few skills.

Man up and enjoy it!

No compliments

Well let me rephrase that, you have to use compliments wisely as the secret sauce in your pick-up.

She will have herd “how great her eyes are” a million times and now she knows the guy is just trying to get in her panties.

But if you really think she has a killer dress on, or notice that she has a particular type of shoe mention it and she will love you for it…

Instant attraction

In the end we’re all just animals and a woman has a set of subconscious standards in her head that she is ticking off to judge whether you will be a good father to her unborn children!

Scary right?

Anyway…with this in mind you need to do a little bit of work.

Go to the gym and make sure you have a good strong baby producing figure ;-)

If you want to get the alpha male look but don’t want to do all the work then you should hang out with a pick-up artist who know this stuff, and just copy the way he stands and dresses… all that stuff.

Becoming a Pick Up Artist – Meet Insanely Hot Women, Now!

Becoming a Pick Up Artist – Meet Insanely Hot Women, Now!

Becoming a pick up artist is not the hardest thing in the world. The problem that most men have is that they read “The Game” or watch “The Pick Up Artist” on TV and think they can go out the next night and get any women they want.

credit: John McNab

Well the fact is that you need to do this stuff everyday so you can get over your shyness and then you will truly be a great pick up artists.

Becoming a Pick Up Artist Top Tips

Use the tips below the hone your skills:

Look sharp – the biggest tip I can give you here is to find someone that has no problem getting women and copy what they wear, how they smell and the style of their hair. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Buff up – women are attracted to men that look fit and healthily because deep down they think you will produce good kids. Go the the gym and build up your body.

Let her speak – if you are shy about talking to girls GREAT! Most women don’t want to hear about you, they just want someone to open up to. Practice starting the conversation and being a good listener.

Don’t lie – its tempting to tell a women you’re a pilot to get her into bed but this is not a good idea for a great pick up artist. A women can spread how much of a jerk you are a very long way.

Be super confident – you can fake this, just walk with your head held high and act like the most confident person you know.

Wing woman – forget about a wing man because that just reduces your chances of success by 50%. The trick is to find a woman who is willing to help you in your pick up quest. It will put hot girls at ease to see you with another woman.

Final thoughts

Just remember that you need to be the kind of guy a women can boast about on facebook and then you will have no trouble with your pick up missions.

Becoming a pick up artist can take just a couple months!