Cologne That Attracts Women – Learn the “Secret Mind Trick”

Cologne That Attracts Women – Learn the “Secret Mind Trick”

The power of cologne that attracts women has often been made to be far more than it is by greedy companies trying to make a lot of cash. We have all heard the old wives tale about a magic ingredient in the sweat of men that is irresistible to women!

credit: tibchris

Well any normal woman that I have ever met hates the smell of body odor so why don’t people use their common sense rather than believing every rumor under that sun?

It’s true that women are sensitive to the male pheromone around the time of ovulation but the effect it has on the woman have been disported by marketing men.

If you think your sticky, sweaty body is going to be attractive to a women you’re on drugs!

What women do find attractive is the smell of fresh sweat, but after a few minutes you and your clothes become repellent to her.

So what does all this have to do with cologne?

Well men using cologne that attracts women might not be having the effect they desire. Many of the studies in which a woman is presented with two chairs suggest that she will more often that not go for the chair with the attraction cologne on it. But this does not take into consideration that the pheromone can only be smelt close up so the woman already has to be sitting before it would take effect!

Cologne That Attracts Women Myth?

So it sounds great right? You spray a secret scent all over your body and have women flocking all around you. Well I’m here to tell you that attracting women with these colognes is a big scam.

Here’s why….

The pheromone in the cologne produces a subtle felling of arousal in the woman, but she will have no idea where that arousal is coming from. So you might just help out another guy who tries it on with her.


The cologne may benefit you when you get her back to your place because she might feel more aroused and sexy…but as a pick up tool cologne is useless!

Final thoughts.

My advice is to forget all about silly tricks, pick up lines and forget about trying to hypnotize a women into bed.

To get with a girl you need just three things.

1. Find a guy who has no problem getting girls and copy the way he dresses.

2. Work on your confidence by speaking to 20 women everyday.

3. Spend 80% of your time with the woman listening to her talk.

These three simple steps would get you loads of women.

Good luck.