Double Your Dating Book >> All Secrets – * EXPOSED *

Double Your Dating Book >> All Secrets – * EXPOSED *

WARNING! You will only know the TRUTH of the Double Your Dating book if you read every word on this page.

You may have herd of this guy David Deangelo and his Double Your Dating book, because I would say that right now he is one of the most well known and respected mens dating authors in the world.

Since he started on his journey to help thousands of men get more dates, he has created loads of different courses and online training to help dudes just like you become better at picking up women.

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But for me when It comes down to it, the book is still the place to go to find the real core material that you can start using right away.

Let me put it like this…

The video course is great, but do you want to spend all your time at home watching a load of other dudes pick up chicks? Or do you want to actually get some practice yourself?

I also wanted to say that you have come to this page just in time because the book has just been updated to be a kind of wikipedia for the female species and her hot buttons.

Double Your Dating Book

Product Review:

I hate talking about myself, but for the purpose of this review I’ll come clean….

I used to be a total loser, I would hide in my bedroom every weekend watching football and surfing the web for free porn sites. Nearly jerked my weenier off.

I couldn’t talk to girls, and when I did I would just talk total rubbish.

I’m ashamed to say that by the age of 25 I was still a zit covered virgin living at home with my mom.

The few dates I had where either girls I met online or my moms friends daughters. But they all thought I was strange.

I was confused….

When I would go out to pick up a pizza or movies I would see butt ugly fat dudes kissing and hugging with really hot chicks, I knew they must be really rich or something like that.

I did not even have a job so I knew that I would never be able to get a girl to like me for my money.

By that point I was getting really pissed and depressed and I needed to get laid bad.

So rather than use the Internet for porn all the time I started to surf around for online dating forums and then for info on how I could seduce a woman.

After reading hundred of forums and blogs I knew there must be some kind of trick I could use.

Most of the info was really basic but promised real secrets if I paid hundred of dollars for the online course. I just could not find any REAL instant seduction secrets without paying a fortune.

So anyway…

As I was saying before, one day I came across the Double Your Dating book and I really thought It must be a scam because the price was so low and you get a bunch of bonuses.

But the day before I had just paid $200 for a book that SAID it had like $300 worth of bonuses and then they all just turned out to be a load of crap!

So I clicked the back button decided the Double Your Dating book must be another scam.

I wasted another few months on the forums and I stupidly spent £3000 on a course that was full of hype and made a load of false promises..

But all the time I kept hearing all these guys talking about successful missions with the Double Your Dating tactics

So I thought…

I’ve just wasted $3000 trying to get laid, I might as well put in another $30 because I can actually get a refund on Double Your Dating if it does not work.

If all else failed my next move was to see a hooker…

So I got the book but I forget to mention that I kind of hate reading so I really had to concentrate at first.

Then everything change.

I was hooked.

Most of the stuff I bought before was just stolen from the forums and blogs, so it was basically free if you knew where to find it.

The Double Your dating book is different because it kind of rebuilds your socials skills from the ground up, which makes the opposite sex find you intriguing and attractive.

Let me explain it like this….

What you learn is a ton of information that makes you the kind of man that women chase. And let me tell you that it’s so much easier to pick up women if they’re chasing you!

This stuff is real and not the kind of Tony Robins rubbish that makes you say “I’m sexy” 500 times a day in he mirror ;-)

To be honest it really opened my eyes. I’m kind of fun to be around when I’m with my guy friends. But as soon as I saw a hot chick I would turn into a real geek and start talking about video games and stuff like that.

My favorite section of the book is the confidence builder which help with:

  • Conversation tactics
  • Grooming tips
  • Sexual conference
  • and your Alfa Male abilities.

This stuff really made a difference for me.

The aha moment.

If you only read the next bit and do nothing else you will be 100% more successful with opposite sex over the next few week.

Here it is…

The reason you are shy around women is a subconscious way for you to be noticed, but the effect on women is a total turn off. It’s all backwards!

After I read the book 5 times I thought it was time to give it a try so I went out to a local club for the first time ever, and I was feeling great with my new clothes on and all that.

Then I noticed this really cute red head with really big…


…and I used one of the openers I had learned.

I felt like a puppeteer because everything I was saying had been researched and was engineered to get her to like me.

After a few minutes I pulled another trick out the bag called “cocky and funny” which is when you kind of insult a girl in a funny and cute way, and she loved it.

Kind of hard to explain…

I used another trick to get her number and the next day I went over to her place and we spent the night together..


Just re-read what just happened there, I was a virgin looser and I got a cheap book and then got laid.

I still can’t believe it myself.

I have to admits that I was a bit scared when I was getting ready to go over to her place. I thought I might turn into a loser again so I just read through the Double Your Dating book again and I was back to full confidence and ready to pop my cherry.

The next day she had to go to class so I stayed in her bed and thought how amazing it was that I had followed a simple short book to get it on with her. If everyone else knew that dating women was just a set of simple tricks then it would be so much easier to pick up women.

I now read the book once a week and have never needed another course. What I love about it is that fact that it does not go into loads of theory.

It’s just says “do This”…

And then “this’…

…and then you’re making out with a hot girl…or your money back

So I just wanted to let you guys know what happened to me, I guess if you even get a few more dates it would still be worth the money, but I’ve been going crazy with this stuff.

Why not!?!

I’ve read hundred of book and nothing can match it, save yourself a whole load of time and money.

Just saying

I could write a $3000 course and tell you to buy that but what’s the point when you can get everything your need from the Double Your Dating book.

For more information see the website below.

I have a few people is my inner circle who got the book and then just got a refund right away and kept it.

Sneaky guys?