Get A Girl To Go Out With You – 5 *Black Magic* Secrets

Get A Girl To Go Out With You – 5 *Black Magic* Secrets

credit: Roland Ster
If you’re trying to get a girl to go out with you this is the article for you. Sometime we all get into a pattern of not meeting enough women and then the dates dry up for good. But if you read every word on this page you will have broken through your problem and be ready to meet some really hot girls.

Don’t get too hung up on tricks you can use to get a girl to go out with you. The key to this stuff is to ask lots of women out and have a system to be meeting girls all the time.

Get A Girl To Go Out With You – 5 Steps

1. Online speed dating – we have all heard of those embarrassing events where a load of single people all get together in a room and pretend to like each other. Well now you can bypass all that stress and just do the same thing online. Basically you get a few minutes to talk to the girl and if you both like each other you can swap contact details. I’m not saying this will get you a date but I like it because it builds confidence in talking to women.

2. Set up some blind dates – this is actually a lot easier than it sounds and if you get nervous before asking a girl out it’s a great option. Put the word out with your friends and family and see is they know of any single girls who might be a right for you. They will love to be a matchmaker! Suddenly you will have loads of dates.

3. Online dating – I get so many guys coming to my site saying that they are not getting enough women and nearly all of them are missing out the obvious places to meet girls. Online dating sites are not full of scammers anymore and it’s kind of like ebay for your love life. It does not matter how strange your interests are, there will be a women out there who is similar. Try

4. Forget about bars and clubs – these are the worst places to meet girls because they will know you are trying to pick then up and be on their guard. A much better idea is up to join a gym and visit the local library. Make a plan to ask one girl out per week.

5. Offline matchmakers – just as there are websites that offer matchmaking services there are also companies who can do the same thing in your local area. You will usually visit the the office and tell them what you are looking for. They will set you up for a fee.

Final thoughts.

None of these are going to get you a date every time but if you don’t get too hung up on one woman and follow the process every week, you will have more girls than you can handle.