How to Get a Girl to Love You: The *Secret* Law of Attraction

How to Get a Girl to Love You: The *Secret* Law of Attraction

If you want to work out how to get a girl to love you then this is the article for you. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last three years you will no doubt have heard of the best selling success book called ‘The Secret”. This basic premise of the book it that you can get anything you want in life by just believe it.

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This is sometimes called “the law of attraction”.

So with that in mind an interesting question was sent into my seduction website by one of my readers the other day that I will attempt to answer here:

Paul wrote me:

“Dear Chris, is it possible to use the law of attraction or “The Secret” to get a girl to love you?

I think this is a very exciting question and for the rest of this article I would like to look a few of the ways that you might harness this power to get a girl to love you:

How to Get a Girl to Love You in 5 Steps

1. The first thing to remember is that like attracts like, so if you love yourself girls will be much more likely to love you too. Everyone has a few hang ups but you need to make time everyday to think about the things that make you special and worthy of the love of a hot girl.

2. Self talk – we all do this but most of the time we tell ourselves all the bad things. You need to change your thoughts to be more like “I’m loved” and “I’m going steady with this hot girl” it crazy how easy it is to trick your mind.

3. If you have gone on a few dates with a hot girl and would like her to fall in love with you it’s simple. You need to believe that she does and live your life as though it’s a fact. The books says that the rest will happen automatically. WEIRD!

4. Look in the mirror every day and notice what you see. If it’s a load of flaws and imperfections you will just get more of that into you life. Once you start to see the love inside, other people will love you too. CHEESY I KNOW ;-)

5. The next thing you need to do is start to get ready for love. Many people say they want to find someone but are just full of fear that they won’t. You will be different because you will start to look for holidays for two people and think of date ideas for your girl. Do anything you would do if you were already with that perfect girl.

Final thoughts.

Wow…I know this article is not my usual pick up tactics but I wanted to expand your mind a bit in this one. If you would like to use this tactic in your love life just remember three things:

Ask – you must know what you want and desire it.

Believe – start to live your life like you already have love and believe wholeheartedly that it will happen.

Receive – In a short while you will find the love you are looking for.

Learning How to Get a Girl to Love You is Easy!