How To Pick Up Girls At A Bar – It’s Too Easy ;-)

How To Pick Up Girls At A Bar – It’s Too Easy ;-)

Learning how to pick up girls at a bar is tricky for most guys and there are three main reason for that. These problems make really cool men seem like total losers when it comes to actually snagging that perfect chick.

1. A lot of guys think they’re too ugly to pick up girls at a bar, but let me tell you how many old fat dudes I have seen with beautiful women on their arm. It’s all about confidence and knowing the moves, which I will teach you below.

2. Another problem young men face is that they try out the pick up tactics and then then freak out when it starts working.

Signs of this would be not knowing where to take her next or running out of things to say.

3. The last and most common problem is that we sometimes have this feeling that the girl may have had a real hot stud recently and your feeble skills won’t cut it!

Well fear not, I have felt those same feeling myself and it’s all about mindset.

Let’ s get into some tactics.

Even the biggest loser can learn a few simple skills / changes to their approach and learn how to pick up girls at a bar

If you want’ to skip all the theory and get to the “pu%@y tractor beams” I would suggest you read Tyffany Taylor’s course below:

How To Pick Up Girls At A Bar?

Follow the process

The first thing to learn about how to pick up girls at a bar is that it’s a numbers game. Most guys only have the courage to speak to one woman per night and when they get the brush off they’re crushed and go home.

Your tactic will be to follow the system and try it on as many woman as you can in one night.

That way you’re almost guaranteed to at least make out!

The more you do it, the more you won’t care if a woman is not into you.

Be a great car salesman

Learning how to pick up girls at a bar is kind of like being a car dealer.

A woman goes into a car dealership and knows that she wants a car but has her defenses up because she has dealt with slimy car dealers before.

But the best car dealers find out what her need are, take an interest in what she has to say, then pick the perfect model.

She then feels comfortable with the car dealer and takes the car home!

Having fun

Most men get really worried before they go out on a mission, and build it up like it’s going to be the most uncomfortable thing in the world.

This is total bull…

Talking to pretty girls and making them laugh is a really fun thing to do and is easy once you have a few skills.

Man up and enjoy it!

No compliments

Well let me rephrase that, you have to use compliments wisely as the secret sauce in your pick-up.

She will have herd “how great her eyes are” a million times and now she knows the guy is just trying to get in her panties.

But if you really think she has a killer dress on, or notice that she has a particular type of shoe mention it and she will love you for it…

Instant attraction

In the end we’re all just animals and a woman has a set of subconscious standards in her head that she is ticking off to judge whether you will be a good father to her unborn children!

Scary right?

Anyway…with this in mind you need to do a little bit of work.

Go to the gym and make sure you have a good strong baby producing figure ;-)

If you want to get the alpha male look but don’t want to do all the work then you should hang out with a pick-up artist who know this stuff, and just copy the way he stands and dresses… all that stuff.