Learn to Attract Women: 7 Secret Methods for Desperate Men

Learn to Attract Women: 7 Secret Methods for Desperate Men

If you want to learn to attract women then this is the article for you. If you’re just sick of being on you own and have no idea how to get a women then read every word of this article.

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We all feel a little bit shy in social situations.

I get a lot of emails each day from men who see no future romance because they hate to go out to clubs and feel like a fool at parties.

Well I’ve been able to give a lot of those men advice that has lead to long term relationships and I’ve finally decided to give those secrets away in public.

Learn to Attract Women in 7 Steps

* Get out there

Now I know this may sound like pulling teeth to you but the fact is that if you want to meet women you have to get out in the world. I’m not talking about horrible bars and clubs. What we want to do is start going to coffee shops, the mall and the library. These are all much better places to talk to women because you can actually be heard.

Make a plan to get out of the house once a day and speak to at least five new women. This will build your confidence through the roof because you will be under no pressure to find anyone right away.

* Learn to Attract Women with The confidence trick

This kind of connects to the first point but it works so well that I wanted to go into it in a little more details. What you want to do is go out of the house each day and ask 5 different women a question. After a while this will seem easy and when you go out to a party talking to women will be like nothing.

* Look your best

Ok this one is simple. You want to find a friend who has no trouble getting women and copy the way he dresses. You will probably find that her has smart clothes, a nice haircut and a great smell. Give yourself a head start with women by looking great.

* Trick of the eyes

You need to wear clothes that match the color of your eyes. I don’t know why this works but it kind of makes your eyes pop out your head and you will be very attractive.

* Listen

I know when you feel under pressure you may start to talk about yourself like a babbling idiot but resist this urge. The best way to talk to women is to listen for 80% of the time and when it’s your turn to speak reflect back what she has said and empathize.

* Be positive

When you get into a conversation with a women make sure that you don’t go on and on about how rubbish your life is. Nobody wants to be around negative people because it’s depressing. Try and look for the positives but if you can’t just let her talk.

Final thoughts.

When my readers start to use these simple secrets they’re amazed at how easy it can be to attract women. Often men get stuck in a pattern where it seems like the hardest thing in the world.

Just remember that there is 4 billion women out there and if you mess up with a few of them who cares?