Secrets Jerks Use to Attract Women

Secrets Jerks Use to Attract Women

In this post I’m going to show you the secrets jerks use to attract women so you can use them too but in a cooler way.

Touch –  a jerk will always try and get physical contact with a woman to build intimacy.

Smell –  there are a few colones that are suposer to attract women.

Moving – jerks will try and move a woman around a club to make her feel like ther have know each other longer.

Words – this is the most powerful because if you know the right words to say to a woman she will love you.

Use this stuff with car and don’t be a jerk!

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Fat Women Seducing

Fat Women Seducing

Fat women seducing is the same a try to pick up any other woman. The first thing you want to do is approach her and make her feel sexy and confident.

Don’t make the conversation all about you. Find out where she is form and where she went to school.

Ask her abou there job and what she like to do for a fun.

The main thing is that you treat her like a lady and only go after her if you’re really into her. Don’t string her along.

The other thing is that you should really try and get past her size.

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Aphrodisiac for Women – The Ultimate Guide!

Aphrodisiac for Women – The Ultimate Guide!

Aphrodisiac for Women: OK Men, it’s time to add some weapons to your arsenal in the quest to please your woman, and we’re going to be smart and undercover about this.

Who needs alcohol and Viagra when there is a whole world of sexy chick magnets in you local supermarket?

…and you won’t have to go to the the health food store and mix a bunch of potions to use this stuff. Most of them are probably already in your cooler, and once you learn how to use them you will be the golden boy!

Here are my top 5…

Aphrodisiac for women #1: Cornstarch

credit: teresatrimm

This first one is works wonders for me.

Basically what you do is raid your pantry for some of the power and then sprinkle it lightly over you lovers body.

I know this sounds a little bit freaky but it creates a tingly sensation that is a total turn on for the opposite sex. And once you have just a little bit on the body you can start going wild and covering her in the stuff!

Alpha male tip – Match this up will a full body sensual massage and your woman will be spasming!

The great thing about the cornstarch is that it works just like body oil!

Aphrodisiac for women #2: You Say Tomato

credit: wolfsavard

So what you want to do is find some really juicy tomatoes and then feed them to your partner.

The act of eating a tomatoes is sexy in itself as the juice dribbles down you both. Plus putting your lips all around the red pulsing flesh will remind her of something else

The other great thing about tomatoes is that they will help you in the bedroom department with muscle control and sexual nerves which will stop you coming too soon.

Aphrodisiac for women #3: Avocados

So now that you are both all covered in tomato juice and cornstarch it’s time to take things up another level and add another piece of food to your salad!

The fruit inside an Avocado is great for feeding and rubbing on each other, and it also has a lot of sensual benefits.

You might already know that it’s a great super food but can also make an orgasm much more intense. This will leave your woman thinking you’re a total stud and there is no better Aphrodisiac than great sex.

Aphrodisiac for women #4: Chocolate

credit: Sugar Daze (f/k/a LittleMissCupcakeParis)

OK I know this is a bit obvious but what kind of Aphrodisiac list would be complete without mentioning of the food of the gods?

Trust me, for a woman there is no bigger turn on than to drizzle the brown warm liquid all over her body and then lick it off bit by bit.

It is also a bit like taking sex drugs because it contains the same natural ingredients that your body produces when you fall in love

It has even be shown that when a woman eats chocolate it give her the feeling of making love.

Which can’t be bad thing….

Aphrodisiac for women #5: Buttermilk

credit: bhamsandwich

So it’s time for the final show. And this is a tactic called the buttermilk shower.

You want to get some of the beautiful sweet liquid and heat it to no higher than room temperature, then get messy.

This will drive her wild.

Final thought.

I hope this article gave you some great Aphrodisiac for Women ideas, I know this stuff sounds messy but try it one time and you will see what great fun it can be.

Where To Pick Up Older Women

Where To Pick Up Older Women

This post is all about where to pick up older women because I get a lot of email from guys who are looking for women in the milf or yummy mummer category.

Lets get on with the tips…

1. You need to be aware that a lot of older women will feel embarrassed and unconfident when they are approached by a younger man.

2. Sometimes older women will feel a little bit scared by the approach of a younger man and may feel that they are being taken advantage of so you need to put her at ease with your charm and compassion.

3. They may also feel that you are inexperienced and that you will not have anything in common so you need to try and conect on her level.

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Cologne That Attracts Women – Learn the “Secret Mind Trick”

Cologne That Attracts Women – Learn the “Secret Mind Trick”

The power of cologne that attracts women has often been made to be far more than it is by greedy companies trying to make a lot of cash. We have all heard the old wives tale about a magic ingredient in the sweat of men that is irresistible to women!

credit: tibchris

Well any normal woman that I have ever met hates the smell of body odor so why don’t people use their common sense rather than believing every rumor under that sun?

It’s true that women are sensitive to the male pheromone around the time of ovulation but the effect it has on the woman have been disported by marketing men.

If you think your sticky, sweaty body is going to be attractive to a women you’re on drugs!

What women do find attractive is the smell of fresh sweat, but after a few minutes you and your clothes become repellent to her.

So what does all this have to do with cologne?

Well men using cologne that attracts women might not be having the effect they desire. Many of the studies in which a woman is presented with two chairs suggest that she will more often that not go for the chair with the attraction cologne on it. But this does not take into consideration that the pheromone can only be smelt close up so the woman already has to be sitting before it would take effect!

Cologne That Attracts Women Myth?

So it sounds great right? You spray a secret scent all over your body and have women flocking all around you. Well I’m here to tell you that attracting women with these colognes is a big scam.

Here’s why….

The pheromone in the cologne produces a subtle felling of arousal in the woman, but she will have no idea where that arousal is coming from. So you might just help out another guy who tries it on with her.


The cologne may benefit you when you get her back to your place because she might feel more aroused and sexy…but as a pick up tool cologne is useless!

Final thoughts.

My advice is to forget all about silly tricks, pick up lines and forget about trying to hypnotize a women into bed.

To get with a girl you need just three things.

1. Find a guy who has no problem getting girls and copy the way he dresses.

2. Work on your confidence by speaking to 20 women everyday.

3. Spend 80% of your time with the woman listening to her talk.

These three simple steps would get you loads of women.

Good luck.

How to Seduce Sagittarius Woman

How to Seduce Sagittarius Woman

This is the guide you have been looking for on how to seduce Sagittarius woman, we have a video below for more tips but I also wanted to let you know a bit more about the Sagittarius woman to give you a head start.

Sagittarius women are independent and love to explore and travel, so you may set up a mystery date or take a trip to the countryside or even a short city break.

You also need to show her fun and be funny and full of joy yourself.

You must give her space to get to know you and be a friend first and a lover second

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Good Pick Up Lines for Women

Good Pick Up Lines for Women

There are some good pick up lines for women and then there are a few that are totally useless and will get you a sllap in the face each time you use them. In this post I’m going to give you a few lines that seems to work better than most of the rest…

  • I must have died because I’m looking at an angel
  • What do you do for a living apart from being really hot
  • Wow…are those natural
  • OMG your have more curse than Daytona
  • I’m working for the government looking for the sexiest women on the planet

Get out there and meet those women, good luck!

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Learn to Attract Women: 7 Secret Methods for Desperate Men

Learn to Attract Women: 7 Secret Methods for Desperate Men

If you want to learn to attract women then this is the article for you. If you’re just sick of being on you own and have no idea how to get a women then read every word of this article.

credit: thephotoperson

We all feel a little bit shy in social situations.

I get a lot of emails each day from men who see no future romance because they hate to go out to clubs and feel like a fool at parties.

Well I’ve been able to give a lot of those men advice that has lead to long term relationships and I’ve finally decided to give those secrets away in public.

Learn to Attract Women in 7 Steps

* Get out there

Now I know this may sound like pulling teeth to you but the fact is that if you want to meet women you have to get out in the world. I’m not talking about horrible bars and clubs. What we want to do is start going to coffee shops, the mall and the library. These are all much better places to talk to women because you can actually be heard.

Make a plan to get out of the house once a day and speak to at least five new women. This will build your confidence through the roof because you will be under no pressure to find anyone right away.

* Learn to Attract Women with The confidence trick

This kind of connects to the first point but it works so well that I wanted to go into it in a little more details. What you want to do is go out of the house each day and ask 5 different women a question. After a while this will seem easy and when you go out to a party talking to women will be like nothing.

* Look your best

Ok this one is simple. You want to find a friend who has no trouble getting women and copy the way he dresses. You will probably find that her has smart clothes, a nice haircut and a great smell. Give yourself a head start with women by looking great.

* Trick of the eyes

You need to wear clothes that match the color of your eyes. I don’t know why this works but it kind of makes your eyes pop out your head and you will be very attractive.

* Listen

I know when you feel under pressure you may start to talk about yourself like a babbling idiot but resist this urge. The best way to talk to women is to listen for 80% of the time and when it’s your turn to speak reflect back what she has said and empathize.

* Be positive

When you get into a conversation with a women make sure that you don’t go on and on about how rubbish your life is. Nobody wants to be around negative people because it’s depressing. Try and look for the positives but if you can’t just let her talk.

Final thoughts.

When my readers start to use these simple secrets they’re amazed at how easy it can be to attract women. Often men get stuck in a pattern where it seems like the hardest thing in the world.

Just remember that there is 4 billion women out there and if you mess up with a few of them who cares?

How to Seduce a Milf

How to Seduce a Milf

If you’re trying to find out how to seduce a MILF then this is the post for you. I get a lot of email from guys who are interested in MILFS and so I’ve decided to put fingers to keyboard today and give you a few MILF getting tips:

  1. The first thing you need to do is find out where to meet them. The best places are coffee shops or singles nights.
  2. Next you need to be mature and show her that you have things in common even though she is a mom.

Those tips should get you the date…now it’s up to you!

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Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls – Get 99% More Girls Now!

Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls – Get 99% More Girls Now!

Below you will find a compete collection of pick up lines to use on girls that get straight to the point and leave the woman in no doubt that you are into her.

You need to remember that there is no such word as fail. If you get the brush off with one line try another and another until you get what you want. The more you do this the less shy you will feel about meeting girls.

16 Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls

1. Girl you got so many curves I’m gonna have to drive real careful.

2. Sweet thing, you’re just like a broom…you swept me off my feet.

3. You’re sweeter than Cherry Cola and Dr Pepper.

4. You’re smile is like sunshine in the morning.

5. Did I see you last night on America’s top model?

6. Please don’t think I’m a weirdo but I just had to let you know that you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

7. I just wondered if you have always been so beautiful or did you have to work at it?

8. I’ve seen you around, You’re that girl with the great body.

9. Weren’t you on miss world last year?

10. It’s such a coincidence that we met because I was just watching pretty woman last night.

11. I’m feeling depressed and I would love to see a cute girl smile.

12. Call 911, you just knocked me out.

13. My momma always told me that if you eat your greens you will grow up good looking, did you know my momma?

14. I’m not afraid to die now because I’ve seen heaven in your smile.

15. If you were a steak you’d be the fillet.

16. Hello my names [name] and you’re beautiful.

Final thoughts.

Some of these will get you a slap and some will get you a number. Remember that anyone can deliver a line but the truly great pick up artists are the ones that are able to follow up with a great personality.

For even more Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls sign up to our mailing list.

Good luck.