Pickup Artist Book – Guaranteed to Attract Every Woman, Now!

Pickup Artist Book – Guaranteed to Attract Every Woman, Now!

credit: faungg

One of the best things that any pickup artist book can show you is when the perfect moment is to kiss a girl, so wouldn’t it be great if there was some kind of kiss test that showed you just that? Well in the David DeAngelo book “Double You Dating” I’m reading just that …very cool.

David use to just be a normal dude who found it a nightmare to get women, even though he had lots of friends who where girls. He would just watch them go to bed with losers that they had just met and go home and cry!

But then everything changes. Mr DeAngelo suddenly saw the light (some say a mystical experience in the dessert and her worked out how to get any women at any time with no hassle.

Now I’m not here to promote this pickup artist book, I just want to tell you how this stuff has help me.

Since reading the book I have got more dates in a shorter amount of time than I ever thought possible.

The best thing about the book is that it’s step by step and super easy to follow. None of that stupid theory that everyone tries to teach us all the time.

Who cares about psychology, give me tactics!!!

Well that’s what this pickup artist book does, page after page of tactics that all link up to make you an ultra attractive alpha male.

Pickup Artist Book – BIG SECRETS!

I think I would get sued if I told you all the tactics in the book but I’m going to be a little bit cheeky and tell you the big one.

Here goes…

Just ask for their email address…and work on this every day until you reach 88% success rate.

Why does this work?

The first part is confidence to be able to speak to a lot of women every day and not be bothered about getting rejected.

If you just go up to her and talk a little bit then try to get her email she will be intrigued and be more likely to give it to you than if you tried to use some rubbish line.

The best bit about this is that there is a way to get REAL email every time and have her checking the inbox everyday for your mail.