Tips On Getting Girls – Get Girls to Notice You Right Now!

Tips On Getting Girls – Get Girls to Notice You Right Now!

Most of the men that come to my website are trying to learn tips on getting girls but have never actually had a girlfriend in the flesh. When you see them in action they’re shy and stiff around women and to be honest with you going from that to a pick up expert is definitely running before you can walk.


credit: tibchris

So the first thing you need to do is practice flirting because it’s as old as time and the single that we give to the opposite sex to show that we’re interested in taking things further with them.

You need to have a mind shift…

There is no way that you’re going to get any women if you sit in the corner and never talk to anyone. It will take years to get a women that way and once you do you will kill the relationship by being too intense and weird about it. You will be a master of jealously!

My top tips on getting girls…

1: Make a decision that you will leave your house everyday and ask at least five hot girls a question. It can be anything, even the time. What you will find if you do this for a month is that talking to nice women will seem like nothing and you can just be yourself.

2. You need to have confidence and like yourself. The first tip will help with your confidence but liking yourself is a little bit harder. I’m not saying that you have to be cocky or anything but just make sure that you remember all the things that make you a unique person and that you are worthy of having a nice woman.

3. A big problem for most men is that they don’t understand how important image is to get girls. You need to be the kind of guy that they she can brag about to her friends on facebook. Luckily I have a simple tip for you….

All you need to do is find a movie star who is the same size and shape as you can just copy what they wear and how they do their hair. This is so great because they spend millions on stylists and you get the same look for free!

You can always find cheaper versions of the designer clothes they wear. It’s an overall look that we’re going for.

4. Body language secrets:

* Look at her lips while she is talking
* Put a loose piece of hair behind her ears
* Guide her through a crowd by lightly holding her shoulder
* Look in her eyes
* Tell her a secret joke in her ear
* Lean froward as she speaks
* Look happy and smile when she is talking
* Hold her hand for a second
* When she looks sexy look her up and down and say “wow”

Final thoughts.

Just follow these simple tips on getting girls and you should be able to get with a lot more women over the coming months.

I look for ward to hearing about your adventures.